Holiday Cards Are Back!

Hi Friends!

The adorable holiday cards are back in stock! Hand made by me from original paintings.

All cards are available individually and as part of a set.

The adorable Woodland Creatures is made up of five imaginative and fun animals.

The Fox, stoic and majestic, wears a cozy scarf in front of some winter time evergreens and a starlit night.

Grandmother Hedgehog sips on her hot cocoa in the kitchen after putting some cookies in the oven. Her porcelain kettle and cookie making mixed stationed behind her.

The Raven looks wistfully into the distance while Santa's Sleigh flies over head.

The Hare wear a cozy har to keep their head warm from the beautiful falling snow flakes. A present sits near by to give as a gift for someone special.

Finally, the Robin weathers the storm in a small cap surrounded by holly and berries.

The second set of holiday cards depicts scenes and imagery of holiday delight. The first depicts a scene of winter camping surrounded by beautiful snowy evergreens with a small fire to keep warm. Perfect for the adventurous spirit.

There is a depiction of a holiday hearth hosting a sleigh led by cute wooly llamas, gifts, two trees, and a warm roaring fire. This card shows a festive red and white striped Noel sitting below painted greenery for a festive holiday greeting.

Finally, a garland tied with a bow creates a simple greeting to brighten a smile. Perfect for the minimalist celebration.

All cards are sized 5.5" x 4.25" and are blank inside to write your own special message.

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