Kansas City Public Art Project

Sometimes when I drive or walk around town, I see an entrancing sculpture or graffitied wall that I really enjoy. I snap a pic and keep going about my day. But lately, I have been thinking about how much public art I see every day. Like on my commute or when I take a walk at a park while doing some urban exploring. I see more and more, making my day a little bit better. There is a lot of joy knowing my city makes space for public art.

When I say public art, I mean art that is free for everyone, accessible to everyone. You can get there on a bus, drive, or walk by and be able to enjoy it. I know we have the beautiful Nelson Atkins, which is free to all, but sometimes I want an earthier or sunnier experience, one where I can bring my dog. Luckily, walking downtown or driving to work is all the motivation I need to find some phenomenal art pieces out in the open.

Just this weekend, I took my dog Daisy on a walk through the Cross Roads. We walked a few blocks, and it took us an hour. We looked at Art Alley, Manos, and the building with the Puffins. Most of these pieces were created within the past three years. There were over forty artists in just a few blocks. It is phenomenal how lucky we are to have access to all of this public art. This was an experience of modern art and public art all rolled into one. Which for a city is a pretty great thing to experience.

So, while thinking about all of the murals, paintings, and sculptures, I conjured up the idea to start documenting the city's public art and make a map of their locations. And you know, with all the tags and Instagram resources, I can probably track down some of these artists and interview them about their work. Hopefully, you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoy finding them and photographing them. Because I think I am going to make this a habit.

There is so much beauty in Kansas City to explore and unpack the art pieces bit by bit.

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