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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Hi Friends. Welcome.

My name is Chloe Frances. I have been an artist since I was old enough to color on the walls. I have always painted, crafted, sewn, dyed, built, and fixed things. Like always. This has been an integral part of my entire life, from choosing schools, educational paths, where I have wanted to live, and how I spend my free time. Some of my favorite childhood memories are making art and exploring creative outlets. I remember learning to sew and making clothes for build-a-bears. Doing photoshoots of our guinea pigs dressed in princess gowns in the barbie dream castle. Working in my childhood art studio in the basement of our 1904 victorian home, painting walls, fabric, and everything. All of this creative energy led me to pursue a BFA in Art History, Studio Art, Fashion, and a Masters in Museum Studies.

The past year has been cataclysmically crazy from completing my Masters, quarantining, continued nannying, and insane first-time home buyer problems, making new art took new forms for me. Creating became a bit more about transportation and coping with the trauma of our world. Working on things that made me happy; home design, doodling, online vintage shopping. I started journaling through the stress of the pandemic death tolls and looking for ways to doodle myself into happiness. One week I made some French Revolution-themed earrings. Another week, I doodled pictures about body image trying to figure out how to live in a body that keeps changing. This past year has been a defining moment in what overwhelming truly means. But what can you do? Just keep plugging away until it feels right I guess. Doing small projects has been one way I have worked through it and had the mental capacity to do anything else.

For my current project, I am in the middle of re-designing my art room for the best and most inspirational space for me. My boyfriend and I bought a house at the very beginning of the pandemic and have been trying to make it homey and comfortable. While the downstairs and yard got a lot of the initial work, the upstairs, and consequently my art room was sidelined for a bit. Now I am back to it and transforming it into a space that is my happy space. Once a plain white room stuffed with disorganized and stressful piles of stuff will soon be a colorful and soothing space for relaxation and creation! And hopefully the source of my blog posts in the future!

So now you know a bit more about me now and I hope you're interested in my art and how it comes to be. Welcome to my mess.

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